WELOME TO Dr Yunus Omar & Dr Zak Omar Dental Surgeries Online.



If the worst should happen and you need emergency dental treatment for broken, cracked or chipped teeth, call us immediately for a priority appointment. Dr Yunus Omar and Dr Zak Omar can perform emergency teeth restoration within the hour.  


We go out of our way to make children feel comfortable. It does not have to be a traumatic experience for a child to visit a dentist. Dr Yunus Omar specialises in putting children at ease with his playful personality and by lavishing them with gifts and trinkets. Book an appointment for your child to see the dentist now and come and experience the warm friendly environment. 

  • Fix Cracked/ Broken Teeth
  • Stop Gum Disease in its Tracks
  • Control bad Breath
  • Heal Bleeding Gums
  • Whiten Stained Teeth
  • Extract Teeth that can't be Healed
  • Scale & Polish to Renew Teeth
  • Fill up Cavities
  • Close Gaps with Bridges
  • Cover Broken Teeth with crowns 

All round Dental Care

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Dr Yunus Omar- 031 3061321

Dr Zak Omar-    031 4627878